This transitions project is part of the work of the Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton – ACoRNS.

ACoRNS is an education focused research-practice partnership between the University of Southampton [Education & Psychology] and schools / colleges across the ages and stages of compulsory education.

We share an interest in developing, researching, understanding, and disseminating good practice in educational provision for children and young people on the autism spectrum and their families. We aim to:

  • understand more about the trajectories and transitions of children and young people with autism;
  • know more about how to most effectively support children’s progress through school and enable them to have positive experiences;
  • establish best practice for supporting children and families in making transitions, whether that be from home to school, from the classroom to the playground, or between and beyond stages of schooling.

More information about the range of projects we are working on is available here.

Photos from ACoRNS launch and event held at Totton College