I am

The ‘I Am’ videos for each child show who the children are and the things they like doing. The videos include footage from the children’s wearcams, which reveals children’s perspectives on their everyday activities at the Nursery as well as their fascinating self-talk.

I am Oscar

Oscar is a spirited and quiet boy. He likes the sea creatures and bubbles, but he feels a bit frustrated when he’s interrupted.

I am Oliver

Oliver is an energetic and sociable boy. He likes painting; he’s having fun when he sees himself in the mirror, but he also worries that people do not always understand what he says to them.

I am Luke

Luke is a lovely and kind boy. He likes other people singing for him; he is good at threading; he says to other people what he wants, and he also likes taking a brief nap.

I am Henry

Henry is a friendly and strong-willed boy. He says ‘hello’ to people; he likes football and wiggly worms; he is good at running, and feels nervous with opening and closing doors.

I am Riley

Riley is a happy boy. He likes painting, making mud pies and playing in the sand, and he tries lots of different things in a short time.