Editing Guidance

It’s important that you use a video editor you are confident and comfortable with. Some of our team have found Windows Video Editor to be simple and easy to use. Kathryn and her team at the Aviary nursery have produced this guide on how to use Windows Video Editor.

If you don’t already have a video editor installed on your device, we suggest trying Adobe Premiere Clip for Android/iOS mobile devices or tablets, or Adobe Spark if you would prefer to use a desktop. Both programs are free, though you will need to create an account using an email address and secure password to use them.

Adobe Spark runs in a web browser, and can be accessed through any operating system. It does not need to be downloaded to your device, but it relies on a reliable internet connection when uploading footage for editing.

Adobe Clip is available for iOS and Android devices, and runs locally on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Once downloaded it does not require an internet connection.

We’ve created some tutorials to show you how to use Adobe Spark and Adobe Clip to create your videos.

How to make a digital story using Adobe Spark
How to make a digital story using Adobe Clip

And here are the videos we create as part of the tutorials:

I am Oliver- made with Adobe Spark
I am Oliver- made with Adobe Clip