There will be a range of outputs from the project that we will aim to share more widely in due course. We aim to provide information about the methods and principles of the project, as well as showcase the digital stories when they are ready later in the year.

We will also organise a screening event to show the stories, and share experiences, with all the participants as well as our local education community more widely. We will, of course, be writing about the project and talking about it at conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Watch this space as we develop guidance materials and more information about the research!

Open access papers that discuss digital stories:

Parsons, S., Guldberg, K., Porayska-Pomsta, K., & Lee, R. (2015). Digital stories as a method for evidence-based practice and knowledge co-creation in technology-enhanced learning for children with autism. International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 38(3), 247-271.

Guldberg, K., Parsons, S., Porayska‐Pomsta, K., & Keay‐Bright, W. (2017). Challenging the knowledge‐transfer orthodoxy: Knowledge co‐construction in technology‐enhanced learning for children with autism. British Educational Research Journal, 43(2), 394-413.

Conference presentations:

Scottish Autism 50th Anniversary Conference, Innovation in Autism Practice: The Future is Calling, Glasgow 8 & 9 November 2018, UK. Parsons, S., Kovshoff, H., Ivil, K., Shaw, G. & Karakosta, E., (2018). The voices and experiences of children with autism, and their families in their transitions from nursery to primary school.

Parsons Kovshoff Ivil Shaw -Voices of children in transitions Scottish Autism